Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Worst Dads' List

I don't really agree with most of Newsaramas' list and this one definitely had some problems.

I mean Spider-Man? Yeah his actions in OMD weren't great but using that and his assumption that his daughter was dead don't exactly rank him up with Trigon in my book. Read Spider-Girl (MC2) he may be overprotective but Peter turned out to be one of the best dads in comics.

Roy Harper, seriously? Because Lian was kidnapped in the past and she died? No. He was a great dad and those things don't change that. She didn't die because of anything he did, Roy had a babysitter that knew how to fight to protect her when he wasn't there. I think he always had a fighter to look over her. Mia was blamed for abandoning Lian during Cry for Justice something I don't believe they ever explained but regardless not his fault.

I don't have a problem with Batman being on here because he treats his kids pretty badly. And I do believe that was a huge contributing factor in Jason and Damians' deaths. I just disagree on either Barbara or Stephanie being surrogate daughters to him. I never got the impression he sees them that way. Cassandra yes, them no.


  1. Hey, not Roy! That's just ridiculous. So every parent who has lost a child is a bad parent?

    Hell, what about Thomas and Martha Wayne dragging a kid down "Crime Alley" in the middle of the night? That was a terrible thing to do!

    Guy Gardner had an absolutely horrible father. And his mother was almost as bad.

    Hal's Dad let him skip school to go flying!

    Kyle's Dad was a deadbeat.

    Barry's dad was apparently a murderer...or something.

    Wonder Woman's dad was a serial rapist!

  2. Yeah that's what ticked me off the most about that statement. Funny that you should mention the Waynes like that. One year they listed Kal-Els birth mother as a bad mom for sending her son to an unknown planet. You know the thing that saved his life. It's one of the reasons their lists are usually ridiculous and obviously biased. Batman at least makes sense since he usually uses and abuses his kids (mostly emotionally but he has done so physically.)