Thursday, January 8, 2015

Save Spider-Girl

From her co-creator Tom DeFalco:

Attention all SPIDER-GIRL fans, please mark Januray 21 on your calendars. SPIDER-VERSE TEAM-UP #3 goes on sale and features an all-new SPIDER-GIRL story by Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema and me.

We want this book to sell out and go back to press so please spread the word. Let’s show MARVEL that our girl still has an audience
I know some of you aren’t very happy with certain recent developments, but—TRUST ME—this story may ease your fears and bring a smile to your face! ( And, perhaps, a tear to your eyes.)

It sounds like there may be a chance to save the character and her mythos--which might lead to another series IF this sells out. I'll be getting this in digital and physical form. I want to read more of Maydays' world. Her two series have over a hundred issues combined and aren't even listed digitally.

There should be a world where Peter Parker and Mary Jane are happy. Not to mention all the dangling plot threads.

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