Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Short Review: Scarlet Spiders #3

 The final of this three parter.


We get a little glimpse into this version of Ben Reilly's life and get to see him teaming up with Kaine for the final showdown. Sure they did a little of that already but this time their more in synch. As usual the writing feels off particularly when Kaine uses his stealth suit which the bad guy already mentioned is pointless as he can see through it and Kaine forgetting that killing the baddie would do nothing since he could slip into another body. I know it's supposed to because Kaine is having trouble controlling the Other but even that seems to come out of no where. The rest of his struggle feels more earned. Ben finds a way to win by sacrificing his own life and naturally Kaine is pissed over this. He wants to take the fight to the whole family of baddies now that their cloning plants are destroyed and this time he's done holding back.

Overall: Everyone expected Ben to die and even if they didn't going in Spider-Verse telegraphed it. I always loved Ben Reilly's character so it hurts to see him die again. While there was a lot of emotion during the fight there would have been more if Ben and Kaines' relationship was actually explored. Despite the peek into this Bens' life we still have no idea what his Kaine was like. Likewise Kaine never talks about anything other than the mission with Ben. Not even the fact he's taken on Bens' old mantle or the guilt he's felt. This mini series wasn't nearly as strong as it could have been.

Questions Raised?: Jessica is okay with killing someone?

So why couldn't the Inheritors eat the clones essence? This was never explained in story, just that they couldn't. The Spider clones in the tanks didn't look right yet the Inheritors could be cloned and get their souls put into new bodies? Again Jessica, Ben and Kaine are clones. Kaine was briefly feed on before so why is that?

Say What?: Shouldn't it be "spikes" not "spines" coming from Kaine? Not that is how the Other works anyway.

Apparently Ben was able to get everything Peter got wrong during Slotts' run right.

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