Friday, January 30, 2015


I dropped Batwoman awhile back but recently I skimmed some spoilers and its a good thing I stopped getting it. After the marriage veto we have another controversy which the author claims isn't what readers assume.


Kate's fiancée Maggie has an ex-husband that's making it hard for Maggie to keep her daughter. To ensure Maggie doesn't lose her kid Kate bows out of their relationship. Unfortunately she's dealing with a vampire called Nocturna around this time. Fans of Batman lore will remember her as his foe/romantic interest (she wasn't a vampire in old canon) who managed to take custody of Jason Todd as his adopted mother. This portrayal isn't as sweet as she discovers Kate's ID then puts her under her thrall (making Kate think she's Maggie) to bite her. Since then their in a relationship where Noturna controls Kate.

Readers have called this sexual assault but the writer suggests everyone keep reading.

This makes me feel bad for both characters. Kate for obvious reasons and Nocturna because she really did care for Jason & I was hoping for a connection to those stories. But she's obviously not the same character.


  1. I didn't know about her history with Jason, but boy I dropped this book the minute she showed up. Which is a shame really.

  2. Ironically I was excited about this arc when I first heard she was turning up because of her history with Jason. It was actually really cute especially when it puts Selia/Bruce/Nocturna into a love triangle and Jason wants his adopted parents together. The whole thing is a shame and we can only hope it's ignored after the book ends.