Thursday, January 15, 2015

WTF is with Barbara in BE?

I just saw the first meeting between Harper Row and her.


Tim, Jason, Harper and Barbara are all on the roof together. Harper mentions that she's joining them to fight people that are being controlled. Barbara gives her lip because she said "we." Tim says he trusts Barbara and that Harper earned his trust so Barbara can trust her too. Babs goes along with it and then Jason mentions putting in rubber bullets.

She immediately punches him. Babs claims she's not enjoying it and it's for his own good before she's cut off and gets take over by something. Just what she was doing is unclear to me because he's using nonlethal means when dealing with mind controlled innocents. As for enjoying it...uh she attacks him a lot in this series. Except for one incident (when she was controlled) it was all for stupid reasons when he's doing nothing. I have to go through my volume again (which I'm putting off partly because of this behavior) but I'm pretty sure that she only smiles when she's being cruel to Jason. I remember once she smiled when she was smugly telling him that Bruce doesn't trust him (it must have burned her to know he sent Jason to keep her in line.)

Dear lord I'm sick of this bratty entitled Barbara Gordon. I miss the Barbara was a mentor and didn't treat people like crap in most of her appearances. Also I'm tired of Barbara suddenly having super hits that can hurt Jason through his helmet. What is up with that?


  1. I haven't read this, but I'm confused. Is this the new cute Barbara from Batgirl, or the angsty non-Oracle Batgirl? Or just some woman name Barbara who likes to punch Jason?


  2. Barbara has been a pain throughout the 1st vol. of Eternal (1-20) and it seems she has continued to act like this going forward. At this point she's changed into her new outfit so it takes place between her old series and the new.

    Barbara has been very spiteful towards Jason in particular who was sent to keep her from doing something stupid after her dad being imprisoned. She even attacks Batman when he tries to talk to her. Jason actually stops her from doing something dumb when she goes after the wrong guy.

    Granted Jason isn't in character for putting up with her crap and the out-of-no-where hero worship/crush on her. And we learn that she dislikes/hates him from the start when they first meet (she figures out he's going to be Robin) and she tells him that he'll never be Dick Grayson.

    The whole thing reads like we're supposed to think Barbara is awesome because Jason (acting like the writers' mouthpiece instead of himself) says so even though she has yet to show she is. Seriously I never saw any bat kid this reckless.