Saturday, January 17, 2015

Star Wars #1

I'm going into this blind as I refused to look at spoilers beforehand.


This series has a bit of a pickle as takes place not long after A New Hope left off but also has to rewrite previous canon that Darkhorse comics and novels created. That means doing something new and realizing we know things can't happen because of the other movies. All the characters from the end of ANH have to live until TESB and ROTJ. Without giving too much away I thought this was a good start. While I would have liked more with Leia I'm not going to be to upset at this point as her series is coming out pretty soon. This is mainly focused on Han with Luke getting a few moments.

If you recall Han helped Luke at the end off ANH and at the start of TESB wanted to leave the rebellion to pay off his debts. This issue brushes off the price on his head which feels off to me as his connection to Jabba is vital for the mission. Leia mentions that his help will be known to the Empire which also confuses me. Sure Darth Vader was the only survivor from the Death Star but wouldn't he have informed the whole Empire of the Falcon being involved? I'm not sure how much of the Expanded Universe is still around but in the movie Han claimed his ship was famous. Before him Lando owned it. Not to mention it was the same one that was brought onboard the Death Star. It wouldn't be hard to identify.

I'm also not sure of the implication of Han having feelings for Leia at this point. He told Luke he tried not to think of Leia when he asked and only showed interest to rile him up. For there to be an attraction, well of course it would show up, but to hint at him staying for her this early? Even TESB had him needing to leave and he was very smitten with her by then. Sure it can be something else he's not eager to share but his innuendo at her thanking him doesn't quite work for me. Maybe that's just the way it's presente, and keep in mind I love these two as a couple.

I liked that the trio all have different ways to handle things. Luke doesn't think saving others can endanger the mission and does so without a second thought. Han wants to keep quiet to escape while Leia believes killing someone of great importance to the Empire is more important. C3P0 has more of a presence than R2D2 and while having him explain the story can be eye rolling I enjoyed his part especially the odd spot it puts him in. I always did think his interaction with Han was fun so seeing them go back and forth again was a lot of great.

Overall: I enjoyed this although I will trade wait for the rest. This is already going into the third printing so it doesn't need the sales and the costs is a little much to get all these series. I LOVE Star Wars so I look forward to the future tpbs. I might be getting the first issues of Darth Vader and Princess Leia.

Say What ?: C3P0 gives the series catch phrase a twist. Despite his positive twist nothing good comes from it.

At this point Vader has no idea what Luke's name is just that he's the pilot that blew up the Death Star. I was pleased to see that detail was kept.

Did You Notice ?: I found it interesting that Chewie chose to listen to Leia rather than Han. Again I'm not sure if it's still canon but Han saved Chewie from slavery which gave him a Wookie life debt. Han is more than just a friend, he's family and trusted above everyone else. Chewie warmed up to the others over time I'm just curious if he chose this just because of his own hatred towards the Empire.

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