Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spider-Verse Team Up #3

I bought this to support Mayday Parker just like I got Scarlet Spiders for Ben and Kaine. Let's see how this issue faired.


Story one has a group of spiders from other world meet semi-bad guy Karn to convince him to turn against his family. It's not a bad tale per se, everything just gets resolved fast and I'm not really sure why the Karn bit wasn't told in the main part of the event.

The second story has May ticked off that no one is trying to save her baby brother. Peters' uncle Ben happens to be the Spider-Man of their current "safe zone" who tries to talk some sense into her. After briefly fighting against each other and radiative spiders May still decides to go after her brother. There are some nice callbacks such as Ben saying the difference between "with great power comes great responsibility" and "with great power must comes great responsibility." It's something Spider-Girl fans will recall from Spider-Girl The End when one of the lead finally understands why that subtle difference is needed. It was nice to actually have Mays' powers written properly as no one else seems aware of things she can do that Peter can't.

There's also the long awaited mention of May honoring her Uncle Ben--Ben Reilly--since she wears his costume, uses his impact webbing and stingers. A opportunity that was apparently squandered already in Spider-Verse since May has no reaction to either Ben or Kaine. DeFalco does give an out to the clich├ęs this event has dumped on her by ruining her life as there are many hints that she's not the same May from MC2. Hopefully Marvel will realize losing her family doesn't work for the character or the story. And maybe we'll get more Spider-Girl stories by this team in the future.

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