Friday, December 9, 2016

About the Clone Thing

There's something else that occurred to me that makes this whole thing absurd.


Ben Reilly spent a good portion of his life haunted about his identity crisis. He knew he wasn't Peter Parker and felt suicidal as a result. Of all people he would know that cloning isn't resurrection! Spider-Man Lost Days is one of my favorite Spider-Man comics of all time (ironic because it only deals with his clones.) The story explores what it means to be your own person, self discovery, themes of redemption, acceptance, etc.

Ben has a freaking lecture on creating life and ends on how he thinks one should consider the ethics of it before doing so. And you're telling me BEN REILLY would be fine with pretending clones are the originals, taking on his creator's name and making people become indebted to him to keep taking the pills that keep the clones alive?! WTF?!

EDIT: So is this "Ben" a clone of him?

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