Friday, December 9, 2016

Short Review: Gotham Academy Second Semester #3

Well one secret is out although not everything is clear.


I enjoy this series but I never feel like there's enough for me to discuss. Maybe because the characters only really appear here. Other books have characters with more backstory for me to delve into. The villain or "witch" is caught although we're left in the dark why she did all of this. Amy seems to be trying to push Olive towards a darker path. Eric freaks out over a mind control Maps burning his book and apparently gives up on his crush because of it. Once he starts threatening to kill I agree with Kyle, keep him away from Maps. I didn't want to believe he was totally creepy but he hit that mark.

Pom gets Colton to admit he has a crush on Kyle but he gets in trouble before he can say anything. The headmaster wants to expel him at the end. I'll continue getting this series but I think I'll stop posting reviews since I never feel like I have any meaningful input to add. I enjoy the title and see no reason at present to quit getting it. If that changes I'll drop it. Gotham Academy is decent it just seems to move at a snail's pace issue to issue. That's what got me to drop last time but I'm hopeful enough to try again. I don't really see any noticeable Rebirth changes besides Amy joining. We're see I suppose.

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