Friday, December 2, 2016

Short Review: Gotham Academy Second Semester #2

Everyone is back at the school.


Maps isn't thrilled that someone else is Olive's new roommate but accepts it. Amy grumbles about cheery people at the school and says she would toss Maps down the stairs if she wasn't Olive's friend. Yep, she's super friendly. Olive is still mad about what Amy did to Eric, big surprise Amy doesn't care and thinks they should hang out again. Olive then drops her outrage. Despite Amy being an ass Olive still tries to get her friends to spend time with her. Somehow Maps got accepted into second year English which was the surprise she had for Olive.

Maps also had custom figures made of her friends--via a 3D printer I'm guessing. She even made one for Eric who thinks it's perfect. Pom seems to know about the symbols Eric drew even having a necklace with them.

Lots of kids have been going missing. Maps feels down because Olive is spending time with Amy and Clayface's daughter (I think she was) Catherine is having trouble staying together when she sleeps. A witch club with the missing kids shows up, Kyle follows. He gets knocked out and Maps follows the trail. Kyle later looks for her after rounding up the rest of their club and meanwhile Maps has been forced into the apparently mind controlled club.

Overall: This was better than last issue and reminded me how much I loved the dynamics of this group. Thus far I have no interest in Amy who hasn't shown any depth yet and I don't get why Olive is making such an effort. To be fair though breaking the rules is what the club does just not with the intention of harming the school or others. Maps simply makes things more fun and maybe she could help humanize Damian more if he returned. This was a decent issue.

Veggies? I want to say Poison Ivy is involved just for that.

Colton has it bad for Kyle. He's "enjoying the view"? Smooth. Is Pom implying she's older than she looks with her line to Eric? He's Maps' age right? Pom would be a year older and that's not much of an experience. BTW what happened to her boyfriend?

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