Sunday, December 18, 2016

Thoughts on RWBY Vol. 4 Theories

About some thought about some things that happened and theories on the show.


I want to say Oscar is Ozpin reborn but the fact he has an aunt make me unsure.

I never suspected Ironwood of wrong doing like some did in the previous
volumes. Still I'm glad to see him doing the right things. Giving Yang an arm, trying to stop the Kingdoms from going to war. Being kind to Weiss, etc.

I was surprised to see Weiss had a living mother and a brother. She never mentioned either making it unclear what her relationship is like with them. Whitley is odd because he's hard to read. I think most believe he'll be as bad as their dad but we haven't had any evidence yet. His talk with Weiss about her being gone sounds ominous though you'd think she'd notice a change before 6-8 months passed.

Tai is awesome and if Yang doesn't mind the humor then it doesn't bother me. I love how devoted he is to her but I wonder if he suspects Qrow is watching Ruby. I loved seeing the teachers too and their story about Qrow wearing a skirt. Now Jaune won't be the only one at Beacon that crossdressed.

I did consider Blake's dad being the old leader of the White Fang but I kind of assumed she didn't have family anymore. I'm glad I was wrong about the latter because their adorable. Unless we hear about a surprise sibling it looks like Blake is an only child. Sun is cute and so dorky. Hazel will be dealing with the current White Fang leader so maybe his story will come up here.

Why didn't Qrow let Ruby know he was around? Given how little she knows about travel she wouldn't have gotten so far without JNR showing her where to go. I feel bad for that waitress but I don't think she even saw RNJR. Did Tyrian track them by tracking Qrow?

I loved all the Pyhrra mentions and how their dovetailed into the story. Haunting both Ruby and Jaune yet inspiring too.

Ruby doesn't know what she did to Cinder or about Salem but shouldn't she suspect this has to do with her Silver Eyed Warrior status?

I always assumed Ren and Nora grew up in the same village but despite being close Nora didn't know where Ren lived. His semblance may be sensing others or something to do with the wind? I've heard both. I really like how much focus on Ren were getting. He loves this group and when Tyrian attacks in his former village Ren cuts him off from Ruby. He protects Jaune too, he already lost his parents and Pyhrra. These three are his family now.

I've seen theories on why Tyrian is interested in Jaune so I'll go over them and what I believe it is.

1. A physical attraction? No. I don't think RT would go there with this and I don't see what that would add to the story.

2. Tyrian heard Jaune was in the vault from Cinder via Emerald. I don't think this is likely. Cinder didn't take him seriously so I don't see her thinking it was an important detail.

3. He noticed the Arc family symbol on the shield and/or the family resemblance. Maybe on the latter but I doubt the former. He never looks at the shield when he's close to Jaune and becomes interested. His focus is on Jaune not the shield.

4. Senses the high Aura. Maybe.

I think it might be a combo of number four and how Jaune reacts to him. Tyrian is used to people freaking out over him yet Jaune doesn't act that way. He's surprised then has an angry/determined look. THAT'S when Tyrian perks up and gets into his face. If Aura is involved that's when he'd sense it. The Aura theory does make sense as Tyrian is able to break Ruby 's Aura pretty fast and if he can sense it maybe he can track it.

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