Monday, December 26, 2016

Short RWBY Pondering: Ozpin's Past

The new episode highlighted some things from past episodes.


For example Ozpin telling Ruby he made more mistakes than every man, woman and child. Many of us suspected this was due to an extemely long life time not that he soul bonds with someone every generation or so. This also makes his hesitation with Pyrrha in the vault make more sense.

He has to hear her agree to doing a similar (if potential unstable) version of the soul bond with Amber because he apparently didn't get a choice when it happened to him. When he says he's sorry it's because he knows how horrible it is. I did wonder when the Amber plot came up why RT would waste that potential storyline. They didn't because it was already in mind for Ozpin.

The rest of the brotherhood knows this of course which might have made Ironwood interested in exploring the possibilities of Auras. Ozpin seemed to have more than one ability during his fight with Cinder which make sense because he has multiple combined Auras to use.

I'm excited about Oscar and his journey it's just sad that there aren't more episodes a year.

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