Thursday, December 15, 2016

I'm not sure what happened

Awhile back I found some clues for the direction of the Rebirth RHATO that would be a huge game changer for Jason Todd's story.


I was a little rushed when writing my review and confused so I didn't mention how odd I found one particular page. Now I'm don't think the game changer will be done which kind of takes away some of the excitement I felt. It also doesn't make sense for Black Mask to know so much if this theory doesn't happen. I was planning on posting all the clues I found regardless of it happening or not so I think I might do that next month after the last issue of this arc. Is it worth the effort at this point? Probably not but I think it was pretty plausible. It's so disappointing to have it built up and apparently dropped at the last moment. Scott Lobdell has done some amazing work and it bothers me that editorial might have messed with his plans again.

Am I jumping the gun? Maybe but that's the way I looks to me at the moment.

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