Thursday, December 22, 2016

RWBY: Has 6-8 months really passed?

Something I was thinking about.


I don't agree with many complaints about the series but this one has been bothering me too. If that much time really passed it raises a lot of questions.

  • Why is Ruby only voicing the trip taking so long now instead of a month in when she thought it only take 2-3 weeks?
  • Blake and Sun have been on a boat for months? Granted Sun doesn't say exactly when he followed her but it's kind of implied it was an impulsive thing he did once he saw her run off. Telling his team he'd met up with them is one thing but didn't he wonder where they were going and why it was going on for months? Blake couldn't sort things out in all those months?
  • People are still being evacuated ? 
  • Weiss' dad is only starting to argue with Ironwood now and give a fundraiser concert months after the disaster? 
  • The council of evil seem to act like Cinder wasn't injuried long ago with Watts commenting on her silence like it's a new thing, etc. Salem only tries to find out for sure that Ozpin is dead now?

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