Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Short Review: Superman #11

Clark and Bruce try to get their sons to work together.


The plan to get their sons to behavior doesn't work for the most part since Damian refuses to act mature. Sure Jon has a moment or two where he tries things his own way but at least he makes attempts to be friendly towards Damian. Jon is nine and Damian despite having so much experience repeatedly acts like a pompous brat that has to do things his way. How the hell does he expect to be part of a team in TT much less be Batman someday if he can't work with others? All of the other Robins can get over themselves and do this with far more ease.

Damian is thirteen now and while he repeatedly calls Jon kid in this he rarely shows any sympathy for Jon's situation. Jon is new at this, in awe of his family legacy and not used to his powers yet. I know the story is still ongoing and will continue in Super Sons. I'm just not nor was I ever fond of the way Tomasi writes the Waynes particularly Damian.

Bruce and Clark still have issues which is amusingly highlighted when Bruce refuses to respond to Clark. Even so Damian has gotten away with far too much in the past. If I read more of Bruce this year I think I'd be more pissed at the character since he's apparently let his son down so much Damian no longer defends his father's actions in TT. It does annoy me to think how this kid has been on his own unsupervised for so long, is overly violent (something Batman cared about with past Robins), repeatedly attacked his brothers and Bruce does nothing until Clark's around.

The Kents are far more likable than the Waynes in this. Bruce isn't as bad as previous stories but he doesn't make the same efforts Clark does by speaking with the boys. In the end the truce is ruined when Damian once again has to talk down to Jon and Jon reminds him that he's taller.

There's some awkward dialogue when the kids finally work together but otherwise I didn't mind it. The greatest detractor to this was Damian being an ass for petty reasons. Yes he got upset about the cat dying but that was an accident. He overstep his bounds by kidnapping Jon and it's already forgotten. One of the most important parts of the Batman/Robin dynamics was Batman acting like a dad and giving Robin lessons. Most of the time he was too tough by benching them or firing them but it came from a place of concern. I can't tell you how disturbing I find it that this Batman (New 52/DCYOU and now Rebirth) doesn't try to look after Robin more.

While the team up lesson was a big part of this issue it comes off like Bruce is just doing this because Clark is around. At least to me since Bruce hasn't been there for his kid much.

It feels like whenever Damian makes progress it's forgotten and he will regress. I adore Jon but I feel like Damian has been a yo-yo for awhile. He'll go back and forth without truly developing. I like Damian as a character but I don't like how he's been handled. I'm hoping there will be something worthwhile in Super Sons. This was an alright arc besides Damian going off on Jon so many times but sadly that was a huge part of the story.

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