Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Batman didn't decide that Jason did

I saw this and while it's nice to see different bat books tied together I question how much is researched. Well at least one series linked in this.


The only bat title I read is Red Hood and the Outlaws so I might be missing some of the finer points of the other titles tied in. I know Bruce supposedly put the Det. crew together after realizing his own mortality although this is suggesting Bruce is preparing for something.

Anyway I'll get to why the Jason mention doesn't make sense to me. In RHATO Rebirth this is how the events actually happened:

Bruce wanted Jason to help him find a leak at City Hall. Jason discovered the mayor was being controlled by a Techno-Organic virus making him Black Mask's puppet. He gets his ally Simon to make an antidote (which they weren't even sure was going to work) and on tv Jason "shoots" the mayor. In reality this cures the guy while making the underworld think higher of Red Hood. Bruce had no idea Jason was doing this and tried to stop him because he thought Jason was going to murder the mayor.

This is a major plot point because Jason questions how much Bruce trusts him compared to the others. It's Jason who tells Bruce he wants to go undercover and Bruce is against the idea. The only reason he let's it happen is because he puts down some rules. No killing, Bruce can pull him out anytime he thinks Jason is in over his head, etc. At the end of the arc Bruce is okay with it. Now maybe it will be revealed that it was always Bruce's plan--which is a jackass move--but I haven't gotten the latest RHATO issue yet. Right now what's written in Det. doesn't make sense. Bruce could have realized Jason was right and not wanted to correct the mistake that he planned it all though.


  1. Nope, no reveal whatsoever on the newest RHATO. That is Tynion once again messing up with other wriiter's work.

    1. I thought so. It's one of the reasons I can't read any title Tynion is on, he never seems to research anything.

  2. Well the thing said about Nightwing doesn't make much sense either. And I agree, it's a disservice to the older robins to suggest that they're still controlled by Batman despite having stepped out of his shadow.

  3. It really is. And it also completely misses the point of the story. The issue of trust between Jason and Bruce is ignored. Jason's efforts are reduced to nothing just to give Bruce an unneeded pat on the back for being a master planner. When he wasn't.