Monday, February 20, 2017

King thinks Damian is...

A better fighter than Jason and Tim despite them previously taking him down with little effort. That explains Robin War but it still doesn't make sense. I don't buy his list in general but having Damian so near the top made it harder to take seriously.


  1. That list is not only a load of BS but also pretty unprofessional of King to actually indulge on that kind of debate as the writer of the franchise's flagship title in the first place.

    A lot of people says he's only doing as friendly ribbing against the fans and fellow creators but I have a hard time to believe that given the extremely dismissive he uses when talking about Jason. Even more when after being called out by a fan about Jason's multiple feats over different storylines he answered he "had" read them and he still didn't think Jason would fare better in combat.

    At the very least Lobdell's answer about the poll was very on point.

  2. Honestly it sounds like he's just being biased instead of ribbing because it reflects things I've seen in his writing. He's never understood Jason's character so naturally he doesn't understand his skills either.

    Of course Tynion doesn't either and he's the guy that had Jason one punch Shiva and say Ra's was a bigger challenge.

    I didn't read Lobdells' answer but didn't he shrug at the whole thing?

  3. I have no words. But I'm also not surprised. It's hard to take it as friendly jab because not only the list, but the other comments were unkind towards Jason too. And no other characters get that treatment.

    I love Lobdell's answer though. #Jason@7notonanyworld!


  4. I wonder if the Barbara fans are pissed that she's not even on the list but Helena and Duke are. Although I can't say I've read her being a great fighter since the new 52 started. It still feels like a diss to have a newcomer beat her.

    Didn't King claim he liked writing Jason? That seemed off to me since the guy has no idea who the character is.

    Seems like Lobdell not only defended his character against this B.S. but also acted more mature about it. That's always nice to see.