Monday, February 20, 2017

Toy fair 2017 DC highlights

From Mattel and DC Collectibles.

Mattel has Wonder Woman movie figures, along with a mix of tv and comic action figures. There's some characters that DCC have already done that you can get for a cheaper prices. I'm only mentioning a little bit.

DC Multiverse 6" Figures- Bat Mech Suit Wave

  • The Atom (From Legends Of Tommorw TV show) 
  • Rebirth Batman
  • Duke Thomas (We Are Robin)- I know they picked this version for the Robin name to sell more figures. I have no opinion of the character since I haven't read much of him. The jacket does look weird on the figure though.
  • Reaper-Old school villain that I'm surprised to see.
  • Batwing (Luke Fox)-Last I checked the site called this Batman but it's Batwing.
  • Bat Mech Suit Collect n Connect Figure. The Jim Gordon one.

DC Multiverse 6" Figures- Clayface Wave

  • Rebirth Superman- This one looks like the best Rebirth Superman figure so far. Mattel has had quality slip in production though.
  • Batwoman- FINALLY! The only Kate Kane Batwoman figure we have for the 6" figures is the DC Direct 52 one that's pretty dated. This even comes with an unmasked head! Seriously, why don't all masked figures come with an unmasked version? The head reminds me of her military days though I know it's the current look. 
  • Jessica Cruz- Now all Earth GLs have had a figure!
  • Martian Manhunter (Supergirl TV Series)
  • Two Face
  • Clayface- Collect n Connect Figure

There's also a Damian figure that's supposed to be an exclusive but he's looks like he's on steroids. Apparently another exclusive that's not show is a two pack with Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl (Cassie.) I only want to get Batwoman and I'm kind of tired of the same old repeats like the Gordons. Nothing for Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake or Jason Todd 

DCC doesn't have much to show this year but there's still some interesting things.

DC Bombshells:
  • DC Designer Series by Ant Lucia 6.75’’ Action Figures: Mera, Katana, Batgirl, Hawkgirl, Supergirl, Bumblebee
  • Harley Quinn Deluxe 12’’ Statue
  • Starfire 12’’ Statue

While none of the Bombshells figures are on my must get list I appreciate the effort to do more female figures. Though I do think most of these look off in the face with Katana looking the best. Starfire also gets a different look from her RHATO cover. I don't think it looks related to the era but I like that it's separated from Haly's circus.

Batman: The Animated Series:
  • Batman The Animated Series Batcave with Bat-Computer Vignette and Alfred Pennyworth Action Figure

It lights up too (not shown) but I don't think I'll get it. Not only is it huge I doubt it will be cheap.

DC Icons 6’’Action Figures:
  • Supergirl- Rebirth
  • Robin & Superboy (SUPER SONS) – Rebirth Action Figure 2-Pack
  • Doomsday vs Superman- Death Of Superman Action Figure 2-Pack
  • Nightwing- Hush

The Death of Superman set does look awesome even if I have no intention of buying it. The Super Sons set is something I want to get but I hate the idea of spending $60 on them. The Blue and Gold set was cheaper to preorder than two mini figures?!

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