Tuesday, February 21, 2017

DC Solicits

Really not much to talk about.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: Normally I'd be annoyed that another DITF story is being done, at least with Jason's story. But I trust Lobdell since he actually explores more of the character while most just make him one note. No idea what this arc will be like but sometimes that's best.

Titans Crossover: I almost want to get it but I'm more cautious with crossover now thanks to Robin War. No, I'm still not over how bad that was.

Chuck Dixon Returns: I was genuinely shocked to see this. He did some good Batman books and some bad ones. Dixon has some controversial views and for unknown reasons DC decided they didn't want to work with him for awhile. I think the last thing he did for DC was the two part Booster Gold Volume 2 arc before Jurgens took over.

Just RHATO and Oydessy of the Amazon's this month. I'm just not interested in anything else.

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