Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kawaii Bat Family Series 2 figures

I'm pleasantly surprised to see all of the current Robins are included in this. I usually don't get these, I only bought some RWBY minis (assuming these are the same size.) I think I wouldn't mind getting most of these with the exception of the Gordons. I'm not fond of this version of Babs and Jim isn't as high on my favorite list as the others. I love that unmasked Jason is the chase figure and he looks like he's posing for a photo shoot.


  1. Does that mean Jason has 2 figures? Text is tiny, I can't read what it says about him.

  2. I think it says "one Unmasked Red Hood rubber charm per inner carton purchase." Which I think means that there's only one in each box shipment.

    I think their two different figures since the poses look different. One has a helmet wearing Jason with his hands in his pocket while the other has a unmasked Jason looking in another direction while holding the hood.