Thursday, February 2, 2017

I never know which bat family appearance to get

Is getting Batman #16 worth it? Because I'm extra cautious about which appearances to get since I dislike how these characters are written in recent years. At least when their together. I've heard good things about this one though.


  1. I'm certainly biased against King's work on the title so take my opinion with a grain of salt. But no, I don't think is worth it.

    Remember how people used to complain about Lobdell's take on the batfamily during RHATO V1? How they said he only wrote things that would earn him brownie points with the tumblr crowd rather than good interactions?

    That is how I feel Batman 16.

    A scene where the characters are reduced to stereotypical brotherly roles rather than their actual characterizations. Jason is written like the jerkish middle brother, Dick is the aloof older brother and Damian is the spoiled little brother. This also makes Jason feel completely generic. Under Lobdell he is reserved but has a pretty sharp tongue, here? Not so much.

    Bruce does little beyond of scowling and Duke remains as out of place as always.

    Tim is barely a thing and of course King has to remind you how all the boys have died at some point or another (despite Dick never actually dying).

  2. I thought it might have been like that but wanted to try to be positive. I also saw a panel of Bruce cutting a hamburger with a knife and fork--which makes no sense. This sounds like something that would just piss me off.