Wednesday, February 22, 2017

RWBY: Chess Pieces referred to as Relics

I've been wondering about the importance of the chess pieces for awhile so this is just me pondering if there's a meaning.


There's a lot of foreshadowing and hints in the beginning of the show.
  • Ozpin commenting on Ruby's Silver Eyes and Ruby not wanting to be special.
  • The man with two souls book Blake was reading.
  • Glynda mentioning Jaune not being ready for combat and his transcripts not matching.
  • Weiss suggesting Jaune is beneath someone like Pyrrha which shows Pyrrha getting visibly upset.
There's other things too but I noticed the exchange between Glynda and Ozpin while their watching the students progress. They only appear to be watching the future members of RWBY and JNPR despite the fact others were launched into the area. This might be because they were the last to find partners (Nora and Ren were the very last partners.) Ozpin was also watching Ruby to see how she did probably because of her SEW connection. Anyway Ozpin ignores Glynda when she comments on the Pyrrha/Jaune partnership (leading many to believe he knew Jaune used fake transcripts.) The next time he ignores her is when she asks what he used for the Relics that year.

This implies he chose the chess pieces just for these students. The year he chooses to bend the rules to let Ruby into Beacon two years early and potentially let Jaune in. Ozpin and Cinder/Salem uses chess throughout the series. In Volume 4 the actual Relics are hidden beneath the fours schools. Why is the entrance exam centered around the concept of relics and why did Ozpin chose chess pieces? They help chose who's on what team but is there a deeper meaning? I'm not so much talking about the value of the pieces in chess but how it relates to the real Relics.

There are still chess pieces when all eight students are at the location giving them more of an option in their choice. Some pieces are missing though this makes me wonder if other students still have to come or more pieces were placed than were needed.

The show takes the time to show who got what piece.

Yang and Blake arrive with Yang choosing "a pony."

Nora and Ren show up and Nora grabs a Rook proclaiming she's the queen of the castle.

Although their not partners Ruby (Knight) and Jaune (Rook) get their pieces at the same time.

Four Relics picked and curiously it's by the team powerhouses and leaders. Was this a test of Ozpin's to see who would get those particular chess pieces that he put in to represent the real Relics? Big stretch I know but I keep wondering if their the ones we'll see that get the actual Relics at a later point. Or are chosen for greater roles.

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