Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Best Man and Godparents

I can't wait until Wednesday to get the new comics and I hope I get over this freaking cold by then. Anyway, there was the topic I remember going over in another fandom when it was asked which characters would be the best man if certain characters got married. Now I know everyone will say Ted Kord will be Boosters' but what if he can't be? For one reason or another Ted can't time travel to the event or he remains dead...who would the best man be? At this point it's hard to say because I honestly can't think of anyone he's that close to, although I think it would be cracktacular if Rip ends up being the best man at his parents wedding.

The next one is a little different because to some the role of godparents mean that if something should happen to the parents the people they chose will raise their child/children. The most obvious choice would be Michelle and if she marries her husband. She's already in the family business so to speak so she could help Rip. Or perhaps someone on the future Mrs. Carters' side. If not blood relatives there are some other options. I considered Bruce since Booster would know he'd do everything in his power to protect the kid and take care of him. But Bruce isn't really someone I think of as father of the year. If Booster was closer to Dick Grayson he'd fit nicely since he's doing a wonderful job with Damian.

If Tora and Guy ever got married I'd think they'd be perfect. Booster might have misgivings about Guy given their history (did he ever find out that Guy acted like he did in JLI because of brain damage?) but he'd know they would take good care of him. And while he's not techinally old enough yet I think Jaime would make a good godfather. Of course Rip likely won't be born for a while and hey time travel, so his current age doesn't really matter. Jaime is already a great big brother and knows how to deal with current problem child Damian Wayne.

Of course the thing that I find sad about the little Rip stories is that the family is on the run and can't have Rip grow up with Boosters' old crew. Make you wonder if he ever sees them growing up outside of missions.

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