Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Justice League Generation Lost #23

Yes, I got Booster Gold too but I just can't find it interesting enough to read at present. Happily Jurgens comes back next issue and we'll have Flashpoint (no idea if I'll read the main title) then hopefully the 50th issue where we might finally get Black Beetles' ID!


What's great about this issue is that both sides make awesome moves and huge mistakes. Batman of all people also underestimates Max only to figure out too late that Max was using them to find Wonder Woman. (Take that people who claimed Batman made a better leader than Booster because he wouldn't be used.) I don't know why but I love the little note of Batman grabbing Booster arm to pull him along to find cover. Yes he grabs WW too but something about him manhandling Booster to protect him is cute. He's not the one that needs to be protected yet Bats seems to feel protective of him. Of course it makes the next panel look odd with Booster suddenly between the two and Batman not touching either of them.

Yet another artist flub with Ices' uniform: suddenly she has a jacket and different colored boots/gloves. If this ever becomes an ongoing they need to commit to a design. This has happened far too often.

Max, I find your ideas to be both creepy and hilarious. Omac Prime is a sentient OMAC that has Maxs' voice and sense of humor. I think it was partly to freak them out and partly to make it seem like he's personally killing WW. It succeeds in freaking out poor Skeets (yes Winick writes Skeets better than G/D. While a little more human he remembers that Skeets isn't L-Ron.) Booster has a spur of the moment idea that surprises Skeets as he decides to take on Max himself. Which of course is cut off before the actual fight. And the closest we got to Max fighting has been that thing with Jaime a few issues back.

But there was a reason Max wanted them all there to fight his pet project. Omac Prime takes all of their powers on. All in all it feels like a short read and I can't wait to see the double sized issue.


  1. It's not just me then, because it DID feel like an incredibly short read. But fairly decent, all things considered.

    I would love to see Max lose control over Ivo, which seems to be hinted at. And it makes sense for him to have manipulated all of them to be together for his Super Adaptoid, or whatever the heck it is.

    But yes, Ice's outfit is starting to get ridiculous. Why would she need a jacket? Does the artist think that she is cold?

    And it was a hoot seeing Batman NOT be omnipotent for a change. I find Wonder Woman to be a bit on the irritating side however. So I guess I'm looking forward to the end of this.

    It still would have been nice to have J'onn and Guy though.

  2. I know, I turned the page and was like, "that can't be it!"

    I think it's also supposed to hint that Max can't mind control? So he can't use that against Booster.

    Do people not use character design sheets anymore? I mean this only had what, 3 or 4 artists? Why do they keep changing it? If they think she's cold they really shouldn't give her a belly shirt. :P

    It really was, glad to see Fire think so too. I didn't, I mean yeah she didn't want to listen but she really had no reason to believe them until they were attacked. At least she didn't deck Batman--although that would have been amusing.

    Maybe if there's an ongoing. Winick said that while there is an ending that answers a lot of questions there are things that are left opened/that could be added onto. And there has been hints of further stories from various people. Hopefully they weren't just cruelly teasing. *Fingers crossed for ongoing*