Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #8

I got this issue at my bookstore since my LCS is too far away. The lady that worked the resister noticed my selection and perked up at the Green Latern title. I mentioned the movie coming out, thinking that's where she heard it from. She said she read it in the 60's prompting a male co-worker of hers to echo "the 60s"?! "Yes, the 60s. 1960s not 1860s!" I told her Guy was my favorite and she said that's because I have taste. :D

I thought the Green House was one of the GL housing structures? Guy comments on the stupid name and wouldn't you know it, Hal named it. Hee hee. The boys talk, Hal is annoyed because he's not in the loop for every GL dicussion. And considering who he hangs out with he sure is being high and mighty. (Although it's really helpful of both of them to give each other visual aids.)

I'm still trying to understand Hal's character so I'm not sure if he's actually dense enough not to get what Guy refers to or he's just itching for an excuse to fight. One thing that I love about Guy is how he cuts all the crap to say what needs to be said. I'm a big redemption fan, I love seeing issues that deal with the theme but I found Hals' story to be lacking. Whether he's responsible or not, the level of acceptance people give him rings false to me. Yes, GL members have called him on his past but it sort of faded away. I don't get why the heroes of earth (except Bats) pretty much forgot about all of this once he returned. Doesn't seem fair given the crap Guys' gotten when he had braindamage and (to the best of my knowledge) never killed anyone during that period.

Kinda wish Guy did win but it sure looked like he was winning before they called a truce. At least he came off pretty cool. Loved the book.

BTW, nothing to do with the issue but I was peeved to learn that tasteless "Hal Jordon, Lady Blackhawk and Huntress" threesome in Cry for Justice was done because Robinsons' actual threesome choice was shot down. Can you guess who the ladies were in his version? I'll give you a hint: one was the love of Guys' life and the other's her best friend. The only reason it was vetoed was because Guy was dating the former when CFJ was being written. Got a red ring handy?


  1. Oh heck, Guy was mopping the floor with Hal. He's LUCKY he realized they were being influenced by the rings and called for a truce!

    Hal and Guy together never ceases to amuse me. Hal is just so used to being taken as the greatest Green Lantern ever, that it always throws him for a loop when Guy doesn't fall down and worship him. It's even MORE fun now that Guy actually has his brains back. In a lot of ways Hal is still used to treating him like a spoiled child, the way that he did back in the brain-dead era, and Hal really doesn't quite know HOW to deal with Guy anymore!

    Guy on the other hand, knows exactly how Hal thinks. Plus, he's smarter than Hal is.

    And yes, I had heard that little tidbit about Robinson wanting to use Fire and Ice as the bread in the Hal Sandwich, and I am glad...SO very glad that they changed it, because quite frankly, that's one helluva cruel thing to do to Guy. Remember how Hal ran off with Kari Limbo about five minutes after they thought that Guy was dead? Arrrgh!

    At least Gail Simone had her revenge, that bit with Zinda and Helena mocking Hal's ability to drink in Birds of Prey was priceless.

  2. Yeah, I remember reading some great fics that explored their relationsip during his braindamaged stage where Hal basically treated him like a hyperactive kid. Another one had Kyle and Guy discussing how flighty Hal was in general.

    I felt bad for Guy and them. I can't even imagine either of them liking Hal.