Monday, April 11, 2011

Fandom, Why?

Message boards can either be highly entertaining or really annoying. I've seen people suggesting icky things on who Rips' mother is (both Michelle, his aunt, and Rose--his extremely great-grandmother!) made the list for some insane reason. I mean some fanboys are against slash but a-okay with incest? Gah! Of course I've also seen fangirls say Rani is Rip despite the fact we--you know--saw him as a little boy in his flashbacks. Plus I doubt DC would make a Silver Age character have a sex change. Yes, the fandom is odd, and that's not even getting into the m-preg theories on male characters they think are Rips' "mom." And yes, one of them is shown in the image below.


The page that spawned many of wrong fanfics. I honesty don't know if Judd Winick or the artist meant the subtext but yeah, I can see it.


  1. Gah!

    That...that's just wrong.

    I don't have the foggiest idea who Rip's mother may turn out to be, but I am pretty sure that it won't be his aunt or his great grandmother! I mean...ick. Nor will it be Max.

    As for Godparents...that's an interesting question. I wonder if Booster is going to stay close to the newly reconstituted JLI? I could see J'onn as a possible Godparent, and know that with all the experience he had babysitting the Justice League, that he'd be a good one. Or, as you say, Guy and Ice. Or even Power Girl.

    Best Man would be a tough one. How about Daniel?

  2. I'm pretty sure it won't be either. But I am disturbed (and in some cases) amused by who they think it is and why. Guess people like Futurama a lot to think it's Rose. And that wouldn't really work anyway, plus Jurgens already said in the text that it wasn't Michelle twice. I actually have no idea why they said Max other than them looking rather intense in the last two panels.

    I wondered that too. It's the one thing I'm saddened about in regards to Boosters' destiny once Rip is born. He can't be on super teams anymore and moves around a lot. He couldn't even tell Brainy where they lived. Actually I never saw Booster as that close to J'onn, while others saw him as a father figure I never got the impression that Booster did beyond the "he's going to yell at us" bit.

    With Powergirl I think they need to show their relationship more because until Winick started writing her most of their shared appearances made it seem like she hated him. Oh yeah, she was on the list for Rips' mom too. Someone used the scene with Rip and Superman trapped in the kryptonite room as proof. I doubt it but I won't mind if Booster and her dated.

    I dunno. At present their not that close but who knows. Guess it depends how it's done. Public wedding or hush hush to make it harder for people to find out who Rips' mom is.