Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ray Palmers' Opinion of Rip

I thought it was interesting that Rips' reputation is good with certain heroes and not so great with others. So far the Johns' Rip Hunter has positive remarks from : Zantanna (who met him before), Ollie (AU Ollie but he wasn't going to question someone with such a great rep), Waverider in 52 (ironic considering TMVP), Chronos 2 (Walker Gabriel), and Red Robin.

Of course he also has people that aren't thrilled with him like the Linear Men. Superman (who dislikes time travelers in general), and I honestly can't tell if Hal didn't like him since he was more concerned with messing with Booster. But when Johns was writing JSA he started shaping time travel and the character. When the first Hourman goes to Ray Palmer of all people for help and this is what he has to say:


Just to clarify: Ray's archenemy uses time travel, Ray uses a time machine called the time pool, yet he doesn't understand time travel himself. He admits this and yet he dismisses a guy that's called a freaking "time master" as unqualified? Oh yeah, and guess who shows up in like 6 issues to save the JSA because they ended up screwing up the mission and nearly getting themselves erased? Just like dad, no one gives the Carters any respect.


  1. That IS interesting! You ever get the feeling that Rip just can't be bothered with sucking up to all the various superheroes, and therefore, they don't like him very much? I've always thought that Superman for example unconciously expects to be treated with a certain degree of reverence, even though he would deny it most vigorously, and he gets peeved when someone like Guy or Booster shows up. Or Plastic Man, for that matter.

    Ray does seem awfully cranky. Must be from having to deal with Jean.

  2. It varies how he's written. Post-Crisis he claimed he didn't trust superheroes once but Jeff said Rip didn't trust anyone. Actually except for Animal Man being a jerk (he had good reasons) and Superman being a huge jerk (he didn't have good reasons) Rip seemed to get along fine with them. I think that Rip gets annoyed with constantly have to "babysit" superhero that don't know or care how time travel works. I know if I was Rip I'd have a fit with Superman and Hal deciding to screw the rules once they were alone.

    Yeah, I get that from Superman too, I recall that he really didn't get the dynamics of the JLI either. Although there was a funny meta bit where he argues with Booster over whether they should help. What makes it funny is that they had the debate in BG and both switched their side of the argument but Superman is being a huge jerk about it.