Thursday, April 21, 2011

Booster gets the Man of Steel back

Since I already showed some superdickery I thought it was only fair to show Booster could be pretty mean too. Now they didn't start off on the best of terms. I'll post that at some point when I track down the issue. They both have their reasons for not liking each other though. Near the end of the first BG series there was a Superman/Booster Gold crossover that was pretty much set up to make up for the editors forcing Jurgens to change the more Superman tied origins he had in mind for Booster. The Superman issue was basically a robot BG attacking Superman and the real deal showing up on the last page. (Although there was a cute moment where Jason Todd meets Superman for the first time early in the issue.)

But timing is everything and Booster is already in a bad place as he hears about his double causing trouble literally after Michelles' funeral. Since the robot copy of himself can only hurt Superman it's not a big deal for him to break it apart.


And sadly no he doesn't get to keep it as Lex Luthor has all the evidence of his involvement removed. (Although semi-recently Booster tried to take some as a "souvenir" until Batman made him drop it.) Another great thing about the BG series was that Jurgens was setting Booster up to be a rival for Lex in the business field. If you think what Booster does to Supes is mean it's nothing compared to what he does to Lex at the mans' party.


  1. Well, considering how "holier than thou" Superman always acts around Booster, I really can't blame him too much for wanting to hang onto a little hunk of kryptonite.

    Just for...emergencies.

  2. Not to mention how often Superman gets controlled.

    Yes, that's the reason he want it...for emergencies.