Thursday, April 7, 2011

Of Bats and Booster

I love that Batman--both of them--know the truth about Booster. It's touching to see Bruce being in his corner given their history (I will never stop harping on the fact Booster got him to smile in JL #4) and something about Dick knowing feels right. I suppose it's because Dick operates differently than Bruce and like Superman is a rallying force for the good guys that everyone trusts. He also has a lot in common with Boosters' upbeat personality and nice rear. (Yeah I had to throw that out there.) I even like to think that in the future Damian will continue the secret keeper mission and be a friend to Rip. But there is one thing that bugs me that I want to be dealt with:

Barbara Gordon and Booster discussing his role in it all.

It's annoying that Bruce and Dick both know how Booster tried to save Babs but not the woman herself. I can understand reluctance on the writers' part to do so as that subject could quickly turn ugly. Would Babs become more bitter over her fate being destined? Would she blame Booster? He does walk in on a horrible moment as the Joker starts taking pictures of her (although Jurgens has her top covered up in the panel.) I've seen it argued that Booster should tell her but why would he? Not only would he be revealing his secret mission but he'd be acknowledging a failure to the person he feels he let down. Given the snippets we're shown of the two they don't appear to be that close. He knows about her role as Oracle enough to call her, she was very close to Ted Kord (Booster refers to her as someone Ted loved) but the few times he talks to her it seems like he only knows her from secondhand information. It's an odd situation to be certain, neither Bruce nor Dick can tell Babs without betraying Boosters' trust but at the same time their keeping information from Barbara. That much has to royally piss her off.

I did a timeline to compare BG #5 VOL.2 with the Killing Joke timeline during a debate that broke out after the infamous issue came out. The main question was if Barbara Gordon, the woman with a photographic memory, would know about Booster being there in the first place. She already told her father that she remembers every detail about that night. Johns/Katz were careful about this, Barbara is already on the floor with the Joker looming over her while Booster is still at the doorway. Boosters' doesn't say anything too loud while in the room. While the Joker orders his men to take "him" out it's still vague. When he reentered he's on the floor as he weakly tosses the Joker down the stairs. Everything else (from this version of his attempt) is away from Barbara. Although it's likely his blood wouldn't be on file back then he did leave some behind after the Joker beats him up. So while she may not have seen/heard much it would still be possible for her to find out.

If she does know then why is she keeping quiet?


  1. I have to admit that I never even considered this. It's an interesting question though, isn't it?

    Would she feel touched or angry? Surprised that such a supposed lightweight as Booster would try so hard to save her, or would she understand that there was a REASON that Ted loved him so much?

    Hard to say, but in the hands of a good writer, it could be very good to read.

  2. I can't decide if I want Jurgens to write it or Gail Simone. I mean I know Jurgens likes Babs (although he seems to prefer Batgirl Babs.) I'd like to think that she's already feels a lot of compassion because of Ted. And she did feel guilty for not being able to help Ted so it may factor in. She was there to see him grieve Ted at the funeral.

    I'd like to see Babs confront Bruce and/or Dick too. I think she'd feel more betrayed by them even if she understands the reasoning. With Booster I think it might be a bit of a rollcoaster rider of emotion. Would make a great storyline though.