Saturday, April 30, 2011

It can't be "international"!

I can understand concerns fans have over the name but it's not like it's the first time there have been more Americans on the JLI team. And to be fair it hasn't even started so there's really no point in complaining who's on and who's not yet. But this debate has been popping up a lot recently along with lists of 3-7 other potential members. I can't really agree with this argument for three reasons: 1.) this is a nod to the old series although that was "international" because of their U.N. connections, 2.) I like the current team and don't want to add so many members, 3.) I don't think any of the characters listed even work good with the current members who are much more family like than most teams.

I'm not sure what the new JLI will be like but I hope they play around with Boosters' status affecting the others. With them questioning where he's been, Batman covering up, potential meet ups with with family, etc. While he's not a member of the team (yet?) I want Guy to see Michelle and jump to the conclusion that it's a Gal Gardner situation. I'm shocked that no one has used the Supernova/Booster "rivalry" from 52 for a classic superhero misunderstanding. Rani (Jurgens said he was using her character) might freak out over Bea given the green hair thing. Plus she can hang out with Jaimes' sister. I'm kinda hoping the JLI are set up with U.N. support and have Bruce Wayne as their liaison. That way he'll have an excuse to be there but not be the leader. Plus Gavril and Jaime don't actually know who he really is.

Of course they might have to find Captain Atom since he was the only one not to have a reaction shot to Maxs' speech. I'm thinking that if the current direction of Guys' book doesn't take him away we might get some great potential interaction with Tora and the group. I remember him trying to get leadership twice so it should be interesting at least. Much as I'm hoping for more Gavril/Fire I'm also looking forward to exploring more of her fears (what she confessed to Ice) and learning more about her mother. I'd like to see J'onn show up to visit his kids, I know he has a soft spot for Detroit but I always saw this league as his babies. And they never really followed up on the guilt he showed towards his treatment of Ted and how he couldn't bring himself to confront Booster. I think he basically flew off before he could even talk to Jaime in TT. I'd like to hear his thoughts on the Max situation and his "children."


  1. There is just so much potential in a new JLI title. And yes, the "International" part of the name may be something of a misnomer, but what the heck, it's a good way to differentiate it from the regular JLA books.

    Gosh, but I want Guy and J'onn to be in the book! I love your ideas of having the UN be a part of it, and Bats being the liason, which makes perfect sense...since they won't have Max anymore. Heck,I would even love to have Oberon or L-Ron back for a little comic relief.

    Of course to make it perfect, we need Scott and Barda and Ralph and Sue, and Ted...but that's probably not going to happen.

  2. We know there's a spot open since the U.N. disbanded Checkmate. I also thought it would be interesting if--for some reason--Waller and Spy Smasher came along to pester them. Maybe the Checkmate title is gone but they can still have fun with it's characters.

    I'd like cameos from Ralph and Sue, mainly for interaction sake. Although getting them to appear might be amusing with who they take over.

  3. I didn't even think about Amanda Waller, but that could potentially be quite interesting. And, or amusing.

  4. Especially since she blackmailed Bea. I can imagine the crap she'd try to pull on the team to get what she wants and Bea would be ready to take her down.