Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blue and Gold: Morals

Around CTIC the Blue and Gold fans pointed out that Ted could have worked within the system if he wanted to expose the truth. A direct comparison to Boosters' past actions in a similar situation was brought up. On the flip side of the argument Ditko fans commented on how the creator of Ted Kord and The Question would never intend for his characters to compromise in such a way. And well, I sort of agree. Ted unknowingly worked with the bad guy once before and it cost Dan Garrett his life. I can't see Ted at any stage of his life having a very good poker face when forced to work with people he usually fights against. He's not like Booster in that sense. Booster is used to lying on a broader scale than the usual Clark Kent/Superman spiel. It's not because Booster is a bad person, a lot of the times he hides the truth as a defense mechanism. 

In his early days of crime fighting Booster pondered killing two people: The Director and Cheshire. I've mentioned this elsewhere but whether he's lying or not it's still something I can't see Ted doing. (#1) . With Booster? I can't really see Booster doing this anymore, not unless it was in the heat of the moment like when he tells Max he's a dead man after Jaime is shot.


- Joined the Manhunters to take them down from the inside, losing everything he built in the process.
- Is against using JLI U.N. funds though Ted talks him into it.
-Says no to Teds' idea to rig the games to earn back their money.
- Agrees to play up his money grubbing ways to keep Mr. Mind in the dark.
-Promises to let Lady Chronos go and owe her a favor if she helps him.

When it comes to the bad guys Booster will always be the one more willing to make a deal or work it from the inside. Ted has the classic Silver Age hero mind frame when dealing with these matters. When it comes to the crazy schemes he's more willing to bend the rules because he doesn't see it as crossing that line. Kooey Kooey Kooey was his idea and he thought that he knew what he was doing. No harm was meant. Working with the bad guys on any level takes him out of his element. Out of any type of control he thinks he has on the situation. 

Not so for Booster. Questionable means are part of his origin. He's more comfortable in morally grey area. It's literally part of his job now as he: lied to save Guys' life, got drunk on the job to save Superman, and at times steals to complete missions. Would he go as far as to kill someone? Not willingly, once he came close to doing so but he wasn't in the best of places emotionally. When confronted with Magog he is disgusted with how the demi-god deals with high risk situations. This raises all sorts of questions with how he is and will be dealing with being a Time Master.

Rip has tortured Jason/Rex to get information, Rex even told this to Booster, Michelle and Skeets. In Day Of Death Zatanna says that if Lex Luthor betrays them Rip can kill him which he seems okay with. Booster hasn't said anything about this but then again he doesn't know if any of this is true. Rex isn't the most reliable of guys and we never saw Rip try to kill Luthor. But if Rips' willing to do these things (still unclear on the kill part) then does that mean Booster will do them in the future? 

#1 The closest thing to this was when he let the bad guy believe his virus made him into a killer to scare him into getting the antidote.


  1. As much as I love Ted...and I DO...sometimes I think that he lived in his own special world, where he got to play around, and things didn't really have consequences so much. Booster is from a harder school...if a little deception will help, he'll go along with it. He's more...pragmatic. Possibly one of the reasons that he got along with Guy so well.

  2. Exactly. I actually have another meta I'm working on that talks about this but Ted didn't seem to get how things worked. Yeah he was a glass half full kind of guy but a lot of times he missed things that Booster got. I do think Booster can be and is a pretty up beat person all things considered, but he knows that things aren't always rosy.