Sunday, June 5, 2011

Morrison writing the Time Masters

This section in TROBW makes me wince. Well a lot of these guys scenes do because let's face it, Morrisons' work doesn't really mesh well with other writers. He had a bunch of alien beings messing around with Vanishing Point like they were always there and Jurgens had to explain it in TMVP. While Morrison likely had no idea Jurgens meant to have Vanishing Point be Rips' childhood home it's still rather annoying that Rip would be surprised by it's uses. Even in other canon he's been around it since it's first appearance.  

Yeah, I get what Rips' trying to say about this time sphere being advanced but the phrasing doesn't really work given Rips' explorations of time. So yeah I kinda hate the idea that Batman, even by means of being one with an archive machine, being able to one up the freaking Time Master(s). Though I do find this page unintentionally hilarious because Hal isn't offered the job of piloting (or his "you haven't flown with me" pick up line.) And I love how thrilled Rip is to be in control because at heart he's a guy that loves the adventure. 


  1. Stupid Batman. Isn't there anything that he isn't fabulous at? This is why I really can't stand Bats most of the time.

    But Hal being befuddled is nice.

  2. I know! In JLU he can even sing!

    I sorta just want every hero in DCU to know Booster is Rips' dad just to see all of their befuddled reactions. But yea, I enjoyed Hals' constant confusion throughout their mission.