Friday, June 3, 2011

What does it mean for Booster?

I'm trying to stay cool and collected about this semi-reboot. I figured Booster wouldn't really be touched because he wasn't a Silver Ager. Plus he's one of the few characters that knows what's going on with the timeline. But for some reason they decided to redo his costume. But here's a little known artist tip: don't try to "fix" a look that isn't broken. This current one doesn't scream "Booster Gold." Look at Guy, that's the same look minus the hair that he had from the first JLI. It's iconic. It's like Kyles' mask, you see it and know it's Guy.

But beyond that I am nervous and confused for what this means for Boosters' title. Because certain places are already suggesting a cancellation but why didn't they do so before Flashpoint if that's the case? The title is reaching #50, it shouldn't go back to #1 or end if they made the effort to have it be the sole title to tie in to an event. Jurgens had plans for #50, we were supposed to finally get Black Beetles' ID. What's the point in him keeping Rani if he's never going to use her? If the awful rumors are true and DC are combining the two titles (this was assumed because Booster was prominent on the cover despite him being the leader in JLGL) then how can the Time Masters be featured in a book that already has such a big cast?


  1. Booster's costume has always been rather nice in my opinion. Flashy perhaps...but heck, it suits him. It was fairly simply otherwise, no belts, or pouches or shoulder pads or capes or...or stuff.

    I REALLY hope that Booster is one of the new titles. I think he will be...because if we lost BOTH Beetle and Booster, then I think that there would be a revolution.

  2. His costumes (when done by Jurgens) were always sleek and simple. Very shiny but yeah it suited him.

    One of the reasons people think there's case for concern is Jurgens writing one book and drawing another. He might be stretched a little thin to BG. I sorta hope this at least means their relaunching his title with another writer, one that won't cause me to question if I should keep buying with them.