Friday, June 17, 2011

Why has no one told me of this?!

Rip Hunter was on Batman Brave and the Bold! RIP FREAKING HUNTER! Slight SPOILERS of course. I only saw clips but we have:

  • Pretty sure this is the first time Rips' ever shown up in animation. With Booster too.
  • Guy trying to hook up with Tora.
  • Booster beating Jaime at a board game.
  • Rip being a "time traveling team mate" of JLI
  • Pirate Batman
  • Rip looking far better than his Batman Brave and the Bold comic self.
  • And best of all Rips' retort to Booster comment about being a time traveler and not knowing these things. "I'm a Time Master."  

I can't really see episodes of this show since I'm always working and the Silver Age silliness never really clicked for me. But this made me feel a little better after the rumors of Booster completely losing his time traveling plots and Rip either being erased or not his son anymore.


  1. REally? When was this? I keep waiting for the one with Hal and Carol, and it has never shown up either. The past few weeks, it hasn't even been ON! And I love it so.

    I really must find this!

  2. I saw pictures online but I think the episode is on youtube. It's called "Time Out for Vengeance." I haven't seen the whole thing because I'm a little worried about how Rips' written or if they mention his relationship to Booster.