Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A little Depressed about BG but interested in Red Hood

I'm really bummed out over the lack of Booster Gold news which translates to cancellation. It's more than a little depressing to think that all these characters are just going to disappear. I once heard that the reason Michelle was killed off was because no one was going to use any of the supporting characters in JLI or any other appearance. While Jurgens mentioned her and Skeets it was still rare to hear that he had a sister. Jurgens is the type that usually just tells the story that belongs in the book he's writing rather than drag stories from other books over. The closest I can recall to him using other plots in a different series was when he had an issue in Superman to get Booster into a new costume. I'm annoyed we'll lose Michelle, never got any real story for Rani, with Daniel and Rose remaining in limbo. Most of all I'll miss seeing/reading about Rip Hunter, who I was already fond of but grew to love in this series, the mini series and the Brave & the Bold issue. There's still so much left open and they were so close to issue #50.

I mean what happened? I read that Jurgens had plans for these characters while he was working on the Flashpoint tie ins. He planned to reveal Black Beetles' ID, to use Rani and a lot of other things. At first I wondered if Winick was going to write BG. I'm actually more upset that he's not writing anything JLI related than the fact he's not writing Red Hood and the Outlaws. His Batman and Robin Jason issues are okay but haven't really impressed me as much as his past Red Hood work. Maybe because he's trying to use the Morrison stuff and I think his Damian is a little off. I would obviously prefer to get more Jurgens written Booster Gold and a JLI series but that doesn't seem to be happening. I'm only getting two books for sure after the reboot. I'm considering Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, and maybe Batwoman. (Don't get me started on Steph and Cass going away or Babs reclaiming the role. Gah!) But at present I'm only committed to buying the two books with my favorite characters leading. JLI and Red Hood. 

I love Jason Todd and have no problem stating that. I have hated some stories they did because some writers simply can't write shades of grey. Tony Daniels who gleefully stated he made Jason "beyond redemption", the awful "Jason randomly become a blob tentacle monster" bit in Nightwing, and the weird stuff in Countdown that made the other heroes look like asses for always putting him down. Hopefully that's all retconned in the reboot. I did find Morrisons' confusing redheaded Jason that claims it's too late and Dick is his archenemy more than a little odd. Yeah he may not be thrilled with the guy he was forced to mimic but the whole point was trying to get Bruces' attention. And the redhead bit makes Bruce look more than a little creepy.

I love Roy and Kory, and yes I was a little worried that this was going the Slade Titan route until I read Scott Lobdells' interview. He's really good on the character interactions and wants these guys to help each other recover from their various traumas. That's pretty inspirational and not something I ever expected DC to do. I wonder if Cry for Justice is retconned because of Roys' arm. Hopefully this means Lian will be back. I'd love for her to return and for them to play with the idea of her bonding with Jason. Because Jason learned of her existence with Roy when he was Robin (long before Dick did) and Lian becomes Red Hood in Kingdom Come.


  1. Well...I'll be glad if Roy isn't crazy or evil anymore. That would be a step in the right direction. It will be weird though, to have every single character in this book have red hair. Jason already looks too much like Roy in the recent Batman & Robin book...which I also found to be a bit weird.

  2. That it would, even if CFJ is still canon I want to see him as a hero again. I'm not even sure how the book will turn out but I've been reading Roy, Jason and Kory stories lately to get prepared.

    I'm hoping for Jason to have black hair again. When I see him with red hair I don't think Jason Todd. And hey, they already have the batboys matching with the red/black uniforms so why not hair?