Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Reboot Timeline is confusing

Okay so the JLA was supposed to form 5 years ago in DCU. But what about JLI? Did that happen for a year? Overlapping during a period where another league was around? That doesn't seem possible since Max expanded the league in ways that hadn't been done before. Did JLGL take place three years after JLI? Is it just happening now? If so then how did Booster know Ted? What about JSA if their weren't any real "superheroes" if Batman was just known as a legend for years and the JLA was a big thing? That means that the Titans didn't happen, right? So no Starfire/Nightwing? Were all the titan kids (Robert Long, Lian Harper, etc.) never born? I'd like to ask if the 90s' never happen but I see Liefield is back so...

They said all the important things with Batman (Killing Joke, Death in the Family, etc.) happened. Snyder said that he thinks of Bruce as being 37 but thinks he'll be 33 in the reboot. Lobdell mentioned the Teen Titans being 16. If the batkids still have the same age gap (not counting Damain who they might keep 10) then Dick would be 23, Jason is 18 ( *1), Tim is 16, Steph and Cass are both 17. Of course Jasons' age does make me wonder if their retcon the Talia thing since he'd be 17 at the time. I've heard conflicting stories if Barbara will be deaged but she was older than Dick. 

*1 Originally Jason was 15 when he died (in Lost Years he mentions Bruce training him since he was at least 12) Tim started semi-shortly afterward at 13. To warn Cass that Steph was going down a dangerous path Bruce took her to Jasons' grave on his 18th birthday (Tim was 16 at the time.) But this gets confused, mainly because Loeb had Bruce state that Jason would be Dicks' age in Hush and Jim Lee (for some reason) gave Jason a streak of white hair. Since then people tend to forget that Jason is still a teenager.


  1. Seriously. Five years is ridiculous. Does that timeline also inclue "One Year Later", because then everything would have to have happened in only FOUR years. These people must do nothing but fight fight fight, from morning 'til night!


  2. With some characters this could work but I'm not too sure about the Silver Agers. But they did say GL was safe from rebooting so that's something.