Thursday, June 23, 2011

Booster Gold still has his mission

Recently Jurgens has confirmed a couple of things.

If Booster will still have his job as the "Greatest Hero you never heard of":

Jurgens: Booster will still regard protecting the time stream as a main aspect of his mission. However, the JLI will take up more of his time at the start. As for any individual plot threads that might carry over, time will tell.

Which means that Rip wasn't erased which makes me happy. I'd still love to have a couple scenes with JLI meeting Boosters' family and a special intro for them meeting Rip. I know he still has to keep his mission a secret but I want his teammates from JLGL plus Guy to meet Rip. Remember how eager Booster was to introduce Ted to him? Booster doesn't know it yet but he's proud of his kid. He did say Rips' pretty cool despite being strict.

The second thing was to address the new costume Booster has:

Jurgens: I like the look! Originally, we weren’t going to change it much, but we ended up with something that ties in very well with the end of our FLASHPOINT story. Jim Lee actually came up with the look, though I suggested a tweak or two.

Yeah, I don't agree because it doesn't say "Booster Gold" to me. The top is too cluttered. I shouldn't be reminded of the unappealing armor he used to wear. Besides, I will miss the golden pants. *sigh*


  1. Well...I'm awfully glad to know that Rip isn't out of continuity. Because Rip is seriously awesome.

    I guess that poor Jurgens has to say that the new costume isn't terrible...but you're right, it DOES remind one of that gawdawful armor in Justice League EXTREEEEEEEMMMMEE!!! Hopefully, sooner or later(preferably sooner) DC will come to its senses, and bring the REAL costumes back.

  2. Yes he is, I already miss his presence in BG. I guess it'll be awhile before we see him again. :(

    I could see that, although he has commented on awful designs before their always older ones like Chronos. I don't mind all the costumes, I think it's kinda cute that the boy Robins all match with each other as well as Batwoman. But Booster MUST go back to what worked. I've already seen fanart of Ted laughing himself silly over the new outfit.