Thursday, June 2, 2011

The New Justice League International?


Dc finally announced their new books and there were a few surprises. Captain Atom isn't part of the current team but has his own series. Not sure if I like the new look. While that isn't too shocking the news of the writer is. It's not Judd Winick nor the team of Giffin/DeMatteis. It's Dan Jurgens. And like I commented somewhere else recently Jurgens seems to be fond of Guy so he's back as well. A lot of the other members featured are a bit of a surprise for me because I thought they were keeping the six or so members for at least an arc. Besides Cap, Jaime also appears to be missing. Although Jurgens has commented that he likes the idea of Booster being his mentor.

Speaking of Booster...what IS up with his new uniform?! I can understand DCs' desire to connect with the live action tv appearance (goodbye golden pants, you were enjoyed) but what's with the top part? Yeah there aren't that many lines running through it but it reminds me of a tiger. Or NFL Superpro. Get rid of the gold around his neck and headpiece and it's fine. Although I do like that he's front and center on the cover. Wonder if he's still the leader considering his Time Master job and his creator is writing this. (Still annoyed with Vixen for her comments in BG 1 under Johns.)


Sorry Skeets, you should be used to being overshadowed by Booster by now.


  1. I'm liking the line-up - be interesting to see if Rocket Red is Gavril or Dimitri. Shame there's no Beetle, Captain Atom or Power Girl but who knows what'll happen.

    Any guesses as to the woman in black? I'm thinking Gypsy.

  2. I don't think their rebooting that much, I assumed it was just the A-list silver agers. It'd be confusing for the readers from JLGL have Gavril gone for a character that wasn't even in the series.

    I've heard theories from Gypsy, Donna Troy and Black Canary. I thought she was a new character.

  3. One thing that I noticed, is that NONE of the women are falling out of their uniforms! A Step Forward indeed.

    Oh, and Guy. Back with Tora, and Fire, and Booster, and presumably Gavril, and I am filled with delight. It would be nice if Peej,and Jaime and J'onn could show up too, but even in the old JLI, people came and went, so there is hope.

    I am SO going to be buying this.

  4. If they fix up Carol and the rest of the SS I'll be really impressed.

    Same here even if I hate that costume and dread what this means for his solo title.

  5. Bottom left looks like Black Canary to me. The costume is similar to recent Canary costumes (color-scheme, angular), and Dinah is a natural brunette (though this could be yet another rush color error).

    Boy, I sure don't like Vixen. I guess DC decided that they needed an African on the team, and that's all they had on hand, though?

    And why does Batman have webbed fingers? Is there any costume other than Gardner's in this entire DC redesign debacle that isn't completely f'd up?

  6. Yeah, the coloring for the hair threw me off if this is Dinah. I'm used to seeing her with the wig/dyed hair. If it's her then it's one of the few redesigns I'm fine with.

    I liked Vixen okay on JLU but she's gotten on my nerves in comics.

    I'm sure there's others that managed to escape the redesign.

  7. Canary has already been featured in the cover of the Birds of Prey reboot, and Jurgens has already confirmed that it's not Donna or Diana, so it has to be Gypsy.

  8. I'm really hoping it's Gypsy. She would be a natural fit with both Vixen and Booster Gold, from her time with his Conglomerate team. It would be perfect if J'onn J'onnz appeared on this title also.