Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DC Books I'm getting after the Reboot

Justice League International: I was already planning on getting this book since the first murmurs came out around the start of JLGL. Not really sure how it will work with the "new" members that are working along the core members. Plus Boosters' job as a Time Master interfering with his potential for leadership. I do like that he's going to be a big focus of the series although I would have preferred to keep his solo. We were 1 issue away from 50 (counting #0 and 1 million) ! 

Red Hood and the Outlaws: I like Jason Todd, Roy Harper and Kory so I was going to get this series regardless but Lobdells' interviews really got me excited. I'm a sucker for redemption stories, have been ever since I saw Star Wars ROTJ. He knows Kory is so happy because she survived the worst and loves being alive and free. How Roy is going to deal with his recovery from his addiction problems. Isn't going to have Jason obsess with his bat past like pretty much every writer has done since he returned. Scott Lobdell is good at character work, I remember getting a lot of X-books from him. Since a lot of us Jason fans want him more of an anti-hero than a bad guy it makes sense that a Marvel writer writes this. Because DC doesn't really do grey area too well. Can't see all of Korys' outfit but I like what I see of these designs save for Roys' hat (is that a cat on it?!)

Blue Beetle: I like Jaime and want to support him since I missed out on his first run. (Not counting his feature in the back of BG or the trade I got.) I would have loved to see him in JLI but I guess I can see the U.N. wanting adults on their team. I do want to see more of him and Booster bonding. Their relationship wasn't really fully formed but it had a special kind of bond I'd like to see explored. Great to see his supporting cast back.

Captain Atom: I'm on the fence about this but I'll get issue one to see if I'll stay on. I loved how Winick wrote Cap in JLGL and I'm curious what happened to him after his deal with Max. I don't really care for his new look (a sentiment I seem to be echoing for most of these redesigns.) Then there's the writer, the man infamous for having Roy fight with a dead cat. Mr. Krul did redeem himself a little in my eyes when briefly Damian joined the Teen Titans. I've read his interview, which seems to imply Cap is back (kinda wanted to see more time travel stories) and I'm not sure if I'll like seeing more stuck up superheroes. Krul phrased it better but having other heroes treating him bad because of what he is? After JLGL? Where we saw his heart, his struggles and how much the team cared about each other?

Not getting but interested in the news I heard about it:

Omac: Max and Checkmate are apparently going to show up. I'd like to see Max in JLGL but it's good to hear he'll be showing up in other places.

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