Thursday, January 5, 2012

Justice League International #5

Last issue was my least favorite out of this arc. This issue is better but it kind of fell flat for me. There's a problem with getting all the characters screen time and as a result a lot of them seem to be there just to stand in the backround. Yeah they fight but not much is shown with their personalities. Vixen suffers the worst and I have to wonder if this would have read better if it was just Booster, Batman, Godiva, Guy, GAII and Gavril. Yeah Tora and Bea are shown more than Vixen but they haven't really added as much as the others.

I did like how caring Tora was, acting as a peacemaker and defending Godiva when she starts to freak out over going into the unknown. Even the art reflects this as Godiva looks stricken in the group shot and Tora lays a comforting hand on her arm. I'm curious what her status with Guy will be in the future as this is the second time she's talked to Booster about how to act around him. Of course I love seeing her interact with Booster in general but telling him to thank Guy and his "do I have to?" reaction is priceless. But the best part is that not only does he do it but the way he does it. He throws an arm over Guys' shoulder, calls him buddy and makes sure he gets credit. Seriously, what other leader has done that for Guy? I can recall Batman, J'onn, Superman and even Ted grudgingly saying "good job" at most.

I like the bits with Booster and Guy even though I miss their old relationship. I don't want them to be at each others' throats (that was more Ted/Guy anyway) and I like that Booster is trying to remain friendly. Guy also gets the best line in the book with his "she puts the Diva in Godiva" bit. But I think this also shows that despite his feelings on the matter Guy isn't right to lead this team. The Corps is different and even there he can be more understanding. Here? He's letting his personal feelings get the better of him. Because he wasn't chosen for the role as leader. While I don't think Booster is like Hal I could see Guy thinking it's like that situation repeating it's self. As a result he doesn't consider the feelings of others.

I continue to enjoy Godiva as she reads very true without being a walking stereotype. It's n interesting way to translate a power that doesn't seem all that great into a real self confidence problem. It also highlights the fact that there's more to her than the lady that flirts with Booster. Although I love seeing that bit too. Hopefully we'll get our first on panel Booster romance soon. 

Briggs comes across a little more likable although that might have to do with the world almost ending. Or getting yelled at by the higher ups. GAII also surprises Gavril alluding to the friendship Jurgens spoke of in interviews. I still like this title but I'm looking forward to the next story.


  1. So you went ahead and bought it or did yours come through the mail on time?

  2. Yeah. I figured it won't come in for awhile & if it does at least I'm supporting the book.

  3. There was some interesting bits with the characters in this. I liked that Guy was just stunned that Godiva was actually afraid, possibly because he's used to being around other Lanterns, and they have the ability to overcome great fear...blah blah he assumes that EVERYONE has the same ability. It was nice that Ice was sticking up for her. I'm enjoying Booster/Guy as well.

    But yes, it would be nice for Vixen to actually do something, not to mention Bea.