Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thoughts on some Solicits for DCnU #8

Green Lantern Corps #8: Does John have ANOTHER crime? Or is this an old one? Anytime one of the other Earth lanterns complains he should just give them a special one punch.

Justice League International #8: Possible member Batwing? Interesting. I wonder if Batman suggested him. Is Batwing falling on cover? Doesn't he have, umm wings?

Batman and Robin #8: I LOVE this cover. The colors are perfect and it shows just what I love about Batman where his Robins are concerned: his real fatherly concern. Damian just looks so young and innocent, something that's pretty rare. My favorite cover out of the bunch.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #8: I think this was supposed to be the Green Arrow issue which Lobdell said he had already written but needed approval from the GA people. It seems like plans changed either because they said no or because the Court of the Owls crossover happened. I have no interest in Suzie Su. It seems weird that she survived Jason shooting her but then again he did think that killing gave him no pleasure. Maybe he had mercy? But I'm mainly interested in Tim Drake reaching out. Sounds like fun.

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