Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jeff Lemire NOT on new Robin title

He's taking over for Justice League Dark. I'm not sure if I'll stick with the title. For the most part I like it well enough but I'm not invested in the characters enough to feel up to a creative change. I've been thinking about dropping Superboy and Demon Knights too, but only because their a pain to get half the time. I'll stick to all three titles for at least their first arc.


  1. 2 of those titles are titles that my brother gets and I am at the mercy of him. I like JLD enough that if he dropped I would pick it up I think. Demon Knights I have only read through 2, and I would drop it if he dropped.

    I picked up the DCU presents Deadman and loved it so I think that has helped me enjoy the JLD's that I have read.

  2. That's the problem with this writer switch up for me. I'm trying to like these characters I'm not as invested in them as Booster. But new writers tend to change things that I'm just getting comfortable with. I even heard a rumor about a few characters leaving to make way for new ones. If it was later down the line, fine. But this early on? I'm not interested in getting used to a new style when I'm already buying titles at $2.99 each and get six a month. Especially if I'm not invested in the characters enough.

    I may be getting two books through subscription soon (hopefully) but I'm considering other books.

  3. I agree that it is a bit early to start changing characters. I don't mind Lemire taking over this early. It probably is too early to make the move, but if they are going to make it he is the one to probably give it to.

    My subscriptions are up and running now. I am getting them on Monday following the Wed. release. I am in Indiana though and don't know if that plays into when I get them.

    What other books are you considering?

  4. I've been hearing good things about Batwing. There are two books in the second wave I've been thinking about too. Ravangers and the Worlds' Finest. I like Power Girl and I'm willing to give Huntress a try even though I rather have Helena B.