Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some more DC Dolls

The limited edition Huntress which sadly wears the groan worthy Jim Lee costume.

Another Bird of Prey Barbara getting her second figure. I would have preferred Oracle or having Cass and Steph get their own dolls. Still nice.

Another one for Sally as Hals' sometimes better half gets her own doll. I'm a little amazed they did Carol in this outfit.

They did Batman, Superman and Aquaman but I wasn't impressed with those. The dolls seem to be improving in designs though. Booster would make a nice doll. (He would come with a little Skeets of course.) The company talks about the hows and whys of their selection here. (Why did they have to use a page from CFJ? Just when their finding Lian?) So maybe we can make request and see how it fares. I'd be tempted despite the prices if they made a good Booster or other female Bats.


  1. I notice the Sapphire costume seems to have a flesh coloured cloth piece running up her torso as opposed to the original skin-tight costume that left her flesh bare and almost falling out.

    Makes you wonder what the reasoning was: dolls are for girls so we'll cover her up, comics are for boys so we'll flash most of her boobs?

  2. It's the only way besides double sided tape to achieve the look, lol.

    Well they shed some light on it in the link of why they choose some characters. Like with Starfire they find it more challenging to do costume pieces with less clothes to figure out how to make them work. Plus they get feedback from DC and the fans. I don't know what the percentage is for male vs. female buyers for these dolls as I recall some male buyers not wanting the Joker because of how he was done.

  3. These are quite quite gorgeous. And expensive.

  4. I know. Everytime I think that MAYBE I can get one I look at the prices. Then the size. Most of them are 16". Batgirl is 22".