Saturday, January 14, 2012

So Huntress...

There are some things I'm not sure how to feel about in the relaunch. This is one of them.
I liked Helena B. She was a kickass character, a good teacher that cared and understood children and had mob ties. It was an interesting take on a crime fighter. I loved her interaction with the Birds of Prey and other bat characters. She will be missed. It feels like a rip off to fans that bought the mini series for this character to be fooled since it's revealed that this version of the character no longer exists.

No, she's actually Helena Wayne now. A character most don't even know about. At most I know she's Bruce and Selinas' daughter from Earth 2. And she apparently is in love with Dick Grayson. The guy that was pretty much raised as her brother from the way I heard it. Does this mean that most of Helena Bs' history is a cover for Ms. Wayne but still happened, like sleeping with Nightwing? That would be awkward once he found out. Do we really need another Wayne kid and a biological one that's an adult? I thought we wanted the characters to be younger. 

Oh wait a second, this is further proof the 90s' have returned isn't it? This is starting to sound like the Summers family from X-Men. Cyclops/Scott Summers (Bruce) has a grown daughter from a different reality with his "one true love" Jean Grey (Selina). In this reality he had a kid Cable (Damian) with the woman he ditches, Madelyne Pryor (Talia.) Daiman even has a clone like Cable does! 

The only good thing about Huntress being the Earth 2 Helena, that I can think of, is exploring the family connection. How will Damian reaction to his little/big sister? What about the other bat kids? I would say how would this affect Bruce but he has at least two kids he ignores. I'd be more interested in Selinas' reaction if she actually knew who Batman was.

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