Saturday, January 14, 2012


I saw this and it looked like fun. Ask me whatever you want from this list or feel free to use it yourself.

1. Top 5 DC male superheroes
2. Top 5 DC superheroines
3. Top 5 DC superheroes (regardless of gender)
4. Top 5 DC sidekicks
5. Top 5 DC male supervillains
6. Top 5 DC female supervillains
7. Top 5 DC supervillains (regardless of gender)
8. Top 5 DC supporting characters (love interests, etc.)
9. Top 5 underrated characters
10. Favorite series of the New 52
11. Least favorite series of the New 52
12. Favorite series that got cancelled
13. Favorite movie adaptation
14. Favorite TV adaptation
15. Favorite Elseworld
16. Favorite DC writer
17. First comic I ever read
18. 5 Best Costumes
19. 5 Worst Costumes
20. One thing Marvel does better than DC


  1. Since you are one of the more positive bloggers I read I won't ask your least favorite....I am tempted to ask number 12, but I am going to go with number 13...what is your favorite movie adaptation...

  2. I do try to be positive since there's a lot of good things in comics. I can answer both. :D

    12. Well my favorite Marvel series that got cancelled was Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker) from the MC2 verse. But this is a DC meme so of course I have to say Booster Gold. But both series were so upbeat and funny. Sure they had their share of sadness but they were very lighthearted and had great characters. Of course there are a lot great series that get cancelled.

    13. Non-DC: Lord of the Rings. DC: Under the Red Hood. What I liked about UTRH was that Winick improved on some areas that were muddled by crossovers in the comics. Most of the things that were important were kept and it really drove home the heartbreak. It never treated the audience like they were too dumb to follow and this version shows Jason and Bruce trying to save each other. They still care but the effects of Jasons' death are still heavily felt.

  3. I should have guessed Under the Red Hood. Didn't even come into my mind.

    And that is one of the things I love about yours and Sally's blogs, both seem to be positive most of the time.

  4. It's certainly the truest DC adaptation that comes to mind.

    Thanks. As much as things irk me I don't always feel the need to vent. But when I repeatedly see the same things (like the things I hated in a particular run) it does make me feel better. Although there are a couple times when I'm simply too annoyed to write about it. I seriously hate ICBINTJL and FKATJL so much that I hate even mentioning it. Sallys' blog is a lot of fun.