Thursday, January 5, 2012

Writers Block: Winick and Jurgens JLIs: Romance?


Given the reputation Winick has you wouldn't think Justice League Generation Lost was as subtle as it is with the romantic subplots. I'd go as far as to say that if someone was given those pages from the two series and asked who wrote what they'd think Winick wrote the Jurgens pages. That's not a diss on either writer as I enjoyed both but rather the perception most seem to have on the messageboards I visited. Jurgens romance does have a more sexual vibe to it. 

In JLGL there are only two love stories that are touched upon the first being Tora and Guy. The two have been in a relationship for awhile and started to reconnect. She's rather surprised when she goes to him for help regarding the return of Maxwell Lord only to discover Max messed with Guys' memories to make him think she was dangerous. The only point this has is to show that the superhero community is turned against her because of this. Whether this matter would have ever been settled in pre-Flashpoint canon is unknown. 

The second relationship is between Bea and their newest team member Gavril. His interest in her first becomes apparent during their Checkmate break in when he comments on loving her fiery nature. She's the member he bonds with the most during down time with her seeming genuinely amused with him. During that time he also expresses intelligent thoughts on mourning but his unintentional humor makes her smile prompting her to kiss him. 

Jurgens doesn't touch either of these relationships quite as much in his first arc. With the new canon in place Tora and Guys' relationship isn't as long as it used to be. His obvious affection for her is apparent as it's what makes him rush back to the JLI after quitting. She doesn't seem to take it as seriously as he does commenting that they only had a few dates. Yet she tells Booster to appeal to Guys' ego to get him to stay then reminds him to thank Guy for helping them. With Bea and Gavril all we've gotten so far has been him asking Toras' opinion of him asking Bea out. The only thing we got from her was her defending Gavril when she thinks Godiva is insulting him. 

The main romance Jurgens plays with is Godivas' attraction to Booster. Something that I'm most interested in despite adoring the other two pairings. Booster has never had an on panel romantic relationship. (Shh Boostle shippers.) Sure it's been stated that he once dated Firehawk in the past but that was more behind the scenes. Booster is rather taken aback at her forwardness and distracted by his duties as a leader. Which is rather amusing if you ever read how forward he's been in the past. 

She's rather interesting as she's in the JLI for P.R. reasons and is far more unsure of herself in the field. It seems that she's just a flirt but she never hits on any of the other men. Perhaps Godivas' interest in Booster is purely physical? Maybe but she does jump into action when she sees Booster is about to be killed. He doesn't object once the day is saved when she says they should get to know each other better. It'd be a lot of fun to see the three on a triple date but I do wonder how Booster will react once it's just the two of them. 


  1. I'd actually be quite happy to see Booster develop a romance, the poor boy has been lonely for too long. But I also want to stop the shilly-shallying and get Tora and Guy together and dang, it I LIKE Bea and Gavril! About the only thing I liked from Winick.

  2. I thought, for the most part, Winick did a great job with JLGL. I like a few things he did, I haven't read the more groan worthy things. Yeah it's about time they had Booster have a more on panel romantic interest. I love all three pairings.