Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Robin title?

Yeah I got my comics but I've been a little slow on reviewing them. But lately I've been interested in rumors I've been hearing. First was a teasing conversation betweem Marcus To and Sterling Gates on the possibilty of getting a Damian Wayne book.

Then there was a rumor from Bleeding Cool that the boy Robins (no word on Steph) were sharing a new title. This one sounds a little less likely as the source isn't always right plus the boys all appear in their own respective titles. The Damian series sounds more likely because of the creators involved. I would like a book showcasing all of the Robins adventures both in the past in the present.


  1. A Damian title would be something I would look into. I loved his few panels in Batman 5.

    By the way I just received my first comics that I ordered through DC online. I ordered them December 5. So if you haven't gotten yours yet that will give you a reference when you might start getting yours.

  2. I might look into a Damian title. Not sure if I would be in it for the long run.

    That helps. I'm hoping to get them soon.

  3. Honestly if they gave him the right person it could be a great title.

    I hope you start getting your titles soon too. I know it makes it fun for me to go get the mail when I think they might be out there. I am such a nerd.

  4. Depends on supporting cast too. He has to have more than the bat family.

    Oh we're all nerds here. ;)

  5. If this was facebook I would like your last comment.