Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Teen Titans #4 & Justice League Dark #4

Justice League Dark #4:

Another good issue. The characters were all more likable although a lot of questions still come up.  Why was Zatanna being so reckless?  She was with Constantine and could have gone with him. I mean I understand why he left her, she wanted to erase his memory, but this was a little dumb. I'm liking Shade more and more with each issue but Constantine still has the number one spot for the most awesome character. I know he's supposed to be an ass, perhaps he was to Dove but I still agree with everything he does in this book. While Zatanna isn't thinking this through, Deadman/June are looking for help, and Shade is trying to get people to go with him--Constantine is piecing things together for himself. He even gave Xanadu the slap she deserved for meddling and making the Enchantress situation worse. Although she gets him back for that.

The whole set up is very creepy and compelling. Like in the first issue there's more chaos caused by the magic but what I liked was the fallout. That blondes are now feared so much that their shot on sight and are encouraged to dye their hair dark. I don't know, that just feels like something that would happen. I have no complaints. I think June is going to die making the Enchantress all the more crazier. 

Teen Titans #4:

I'm not loving Cassies' get up but it's a nice beginning to the Wonder Girl/Superboy fight. I already like Skitter and Bunker. I wondered if Kiran and Miguel would be on good terms and it looks like their own the same wavelength. She takes the change in her appearance better than Skitter because she's just happy that her powers work the same way. I'll admit the Tim/Bart fight over the sweatshirt seems a little more childish than what we're used to with these two but it makes sense in context. Tim isn't used to dealing with Bart in this canon so of course he's going to get annoyed really fast. Barts' also the guy he was less than thrilled with in #1 for making meta teens look bad. Yeah Tim REALLY overreacts with his comparison to what N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is doing to Bart taking a shirt without asking. But it's nice to see him act like a kid for once.

Despite trying to bash each others' face in Cassie and Superboy are instantly attracted to each other. I'm digging it more than last time. The team minus Skitter show up to fight Superboy. No real complaints.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out. 

Did You Notice?:

All the Booster Gold cameos. I'm hoping Scott Lobdell is a big Booster fan but it might be something Booth added. Nice to see that Booster still does endorsments. 

Red Robins' logo is on the door to the penthouse. 

Tims' shirt seems to read "Free Thinkin' " I can't tell what the image is.

Bart drinks from a mug with the bat symbol on it. Tim drinks from what I think is a Aquaman mug.

Not having another costume Bart borrows Tims' old Robin costume (the red one from 52/OYL.)

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