Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Batman Eternal Thanksgiving teaser image

DC has sent teasers like this out before with some hidden meaning in them so let's see if we can find some. Potential spoiler theories ahead but who knows how close I am.

1. The return of mob bosses rising in Gotham/Fox falls in with them?- I can't think of who else the white haired man and the Red Hood Year Zero-ish guy are supposed to be. I can't really see the guy behind them but the glasses makes me think it's Fox but if that's true it's odd Batwing is so far away from him.

2. Batwoman and Maggie working together-Not much to go on here. It can mean anything from the expected--their romance--to a crime fighting partnership. Maggie seems to be gesturing or asking something which Kate seems undecided on. Likely Gordon/Bullock.

3. Harvey Bullock arresting Gordon?- It looks like it with the gun over his shoulder and Bullock staring at Gordon. The way Gordon's wrists look mimes being in handcuffs.

4. The Court of Owls are looming and/or causing the previous events-A owl is in the tree over them but mainly near Maggie.

5. Tim hangs out with other teen/masked heroes like Spoiler-This one was already confirmed by Tynion and the group seems pretty tight in the picture. Since Spoiler doesn't have a uniform I'm guessing she's having her story rebooted completely to start back at square one. The girl next to her is smiling and in black. I want to say Cass but wouldn't they mention her already? The raised fist does remind me of her saying hello to the Bat family in No Man's Land. No idea on who the blond is...Dick dying his hair? Jean Paul Valley?

6.  Batman working closely with the teen heroes but their not in a good place. He could have stopped something but wasn't able to avert tragedy- Just their sitting arrangements on the floor and how close they are. The second part has to do with Batman having a basket of wood for the fire but bones being there in place.

7. Alfred not working for Bruce but still close to him?- I don't know if it's supposed to be symbolic since he's still giving Bruce food but he's far more causal.

8. Titus is a killing machine- Just look at how he cruelly steps over the bones of the dead. He is the true mastermind here. ...Well maybe not but that would still be entertaining.

9. Villains on the rise with Catwoman a little conflicted- Pyg and Penguin are working together based on their conversation. I don't know who the others are, maybe new characters. . Catwoman is facing the heroes but one hand is still on the table. Joker's Daughter is underneath perhaps attempting to attack Batwing?

10. Cat Alfred has switched sides-Okay that can be any cat by Selina but where is Damian's cat?

11. Batwing, Batgirl and Red Hood work together but aren't close- Their not looking at each other or interacting just standing near each other. Although Luke and Jason are facing the same direction Barbara isn't. She's not really doing anything and it's hard to see Jason. Luke is holding food but seems injured suggesting he plays the biggest role. While getting something important for the heroes he's hurt?  EDIT: Someone just told me that's a Robin on Titus not a injury. Whoops.