Sunday, November 17, 2013

Budgeting for Weekly?

I never had to worry too much about cutting costs for comics since I never get many comics a month. At least compared to regular customers at my LCS. Sure there are a few times I get about 6 books but mostly? I usually get  a few issues a month. But I never actually bought a weekly series as it was coming out, I'd trade wait. The closest was the bi-weekly JLGL but I think I was buying maybe two other books at the time. Booster Gold and TMVP for sure. Since the latter was a mini series anyway my costs were cut down anyway. I'm not sure how I'm going to do things this time around especially if there are potentially two weekly series I might want to follow on the same year. (Well there are rumors of a third weekly involving Superman but I currently have no interest in it.)

First there's Batman Eternal which seems to have most of the things I'm interested in seeing ie. the Batman family interacting. But I'm hesitant with getting this one because of one of the writers. Then there's the weekly that's supposed to be involved with the 5 years later thing. It has Dan Jurgens and with the title I'm hoping it links to Time Travel and my favorite travelers. But nothing is really known about it at this stage. If I get Batman Eternal then I'd have to trade wait or get back issues later for the second one. I'm just glad I don't currently get more than one ongoing titles which will make this harder. (Now watch, since I said that their likely to announce a title I want around the time these come out.)

If nothing else it should be interesting to follow a series that updates every week. Following JLGL was a fun time since I didn't have to wait a month for the next issue.

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